How to get website traffic: Buyer List Traffic.

How to get website traffic fast?

Did you know that there are actually three  different types of traffic when it comes to  you trying to build your online business? That's right... Not all traffic is created equal, and depending on the source of traffic, people will either be much more likely, or less likely to buy when they see your offer. 

Best traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Best paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Best paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing Business Model (

Three Types of Web Traffic

In this article I am not going to type into best free traffic sources or free web site traffic at all - this is the hole other business model and it is not the best one. So I will show what the best paid traffic is and why it is the fastest way to make money in affiliate business now.

Here's what I mean...  On the big bad "interwebs", there's actually THREE different types of traffic.... Ice cold traffic (people who don't know who you are)... Warm traffic (people who know who you are but haven't bought)... And HOT traffic (traffic from people who have already bought and  are likely to buy again).

Your job as a Marketer is to constantly be turning cold traffic into warm traffic, and then eventually turning your Web Traffic into HOT BUYER traffic. Your end goal is to have a warm audience of BUYER traffic to tap into. And now you can do this a couple of different ways. 

Traffic temperatures

Traffic temperatures

Cold Traffic 

Well, your first option is to target COLD traffic and to then focus on following up like a MADMAN.  This will include: daily e-mails, lot of videos, some webinars, Facebook lives and everything in between.
In leveraging those strategies you will turn your COLD traffic into warm traffic, and if you do your job well, eventually (some time down the road) hot buyer traffic.  That Cold traffic strategy is awesome and  it works. But it can take a LONG TIME. 

List Building Machine

List Building Machine

What are Solo Ads?

A Solo Ad is an email send-out or broadcast that you BUY from Solo Ads vendors in order to promote your product and/or service.

The Solo Ad Vendors are owners - ‘EMAIL LIST OWNERS’ . They charge you PER CLICK (CPC) to send traffic to your pages and they do this using their Email Lists (using email broadcasts and follow ups).

Buyer List Traffic - best targeted traffic

Your second option is to just TARGET the already red hot BUYER lists from day #1.  

In targeting buyer lists, you tap directly into the already likely to buy audiences and as a  result shortcut your path to your profits by quite  a bit.  

The bad news is: very few people know how to get buyer only traffic  and even FEWER teach how to do it once they know. Well it is not what they call buying keywords list if you think of it. 

Best Solo Ad Vendors

Best Solo Ad Vendors

Consumption increases demand axiom 

Yes, consumption increases demand - the more some one buys , the more chances he will continue buy moving forward down the road.

As the cost of traffic is rising making it harder to get high quality traffic that actually converts there is also a market saturation which makes it harder to drive web traffic profitably -if you are not typing directly to Buyer Only List.


Best paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing Business Model - Is this For You

Best paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing Business Model - Is this For You

The Three Keys to Success with paid traffic 

To start making money fast we will need paid traffic but not all paid traffic is the same so we must pay attention to this keys:

  1. Where  to find buyer only traffic providers
  2. How to use filtration process and the swipe copy formula
  3. How to do Following up for maximum profit (The money is in the List but the Fortune is in the Follow up)

Before you start to buy a lot of traffic from your new SOLO AD provider, you have to test him. You can subscribe to his list for example to see what kind of letters he sends to his subscribers every day. You need only good and reliable vendors who care about their subscribers.

Send his traffic to a tested and proven Sale Funnel to see how it converts. And as soon as you know this is High Quality Traffic Source you are ready to go to the next step OPTIMIZATION. 

BETATESTING every traffic source

BETATESTING every traffic source

Optimization in your next step



When you get your stat it is easy to start optimization - simply try to get better results optimizing your opt in page and so on.

Are we negotiating?Always!

negotiation - this is how we try to learn about the quality of our List

Negotiation - this is how we try to learn about the quality of our List - send law and High ticket offers to your List

As soon as you get your new subscribers start sending them different information with different kind of offers to see how they react. This is how you are negotiating with your list members to know what they need and how they react. Sen them law and High Ticket offers - this is how we try to learn about the quality of our List.

Than we should negotiate the price down - with our hot buyer list traffic supplier.

To recap this paid traffic model

To recap this paid traffic model

Best Swipe Copy Formula

Below you will find proven swipe cope formula for your first offer - use this template when creating your Swipe copy for SOLO AD vendor.

The swipe copy formula

The swipe copy formula

CASE STUDY: How To Get Unlimited Traffic, Recruit Thousands Of People And Make Over $1,000,000

Create content and entertain your List!

Every time you send email to your List you should Educate, Inform and Entertain your subscribers - this is my proven formula of creating content that brings people to me.

This is how you moving people from Cold to Buyer status. Just be yourself and see what happens!

Learn Do Teach Formula for affiliate marketers

Learn Do Teach Formula for affiliate marketers

How to generate content for your list

How to generate content for your list

How can I use all this info ?

Everything you need to:

Everything you need to:

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