How to get free solo ads traffic: InstantProfitMailer review and testimonial.

Get 1,500 Member Free Solo at Instant Profit Mailer

It was not supposed to be a great traffic source, but when I tried it -  i received sign-ups from the first mail I sent using InstantProfitMailer.

What is Instant Profit Mailer?

Watch this video above.

At Instant Profit Mailer, you can promote your website or opportunities by sending your solo email to other members. This is done using a credit based system. 

‚ÄčYou earn credits by clicking the links inside other member's messages. A Free Member will earn 15 credits for each message they click on. Premium Members earn 30 credits for each message they click.

I must also mention that some of mails I received gave me great boost to my affiliate marketing business.

Each credit allows you to send your solo email to 1 member. Earn 1,000 credits and send your solo email to 1,000 members.

 Free members can send an email every 3 days and schedule their emails up to 2 weeks in advance.

Instant Profit Mailer - How to send an email

Upgrade and send 1000 free emails every single day!

You can also earn credits by upgrading your membership (Premium get 1,000 credits per day) or by referring other members to the program. Every person that you refer earns you 1 credit per day. If you refer 100 members, you earn 100 credits per day without clicking.

Premium Members can send an email everyday and schedule their emails up to 3 months in advance.

Mailing options

Instant Profit Mailer - Email Change

You also have the option of choosing how you receive messages from other members using our Mailing Options page.

By default, you receive each email that other members send to you as an individual email. This can lead to a lot of messages in your inbox, so some members like to select our Digest Email option.

If you choose Digest Emails, then we will send you 1 email every 6, 12, or 24 hours that contains links to all of the messages sent to you since the last Digest.

How to Schedule your Emails  

Schadule your emails in Insta Profit Mailer

How to Earn Commissions

InstantProfitMailer pays 50% commissions on Premium Upgrades by anyone on your list. That includes random referrals and those passed up to you.

Commissions are paid by direct deposit to your bank account (US Only), Interac Email Transfer (Canada) and PayPal (Outside US and Canada)

Payments are made the 15th of each month on all commissions earned in the previous month. For example, payment will be made March 15th for all commissions earned in the month of February. You must have a minimum of $10 in owing commissions and have provided the information to complete the transfer to be paid.

My testimonial

After registering my free Instaprofitmailer account I created tracking link for one of my passive income programs lending pages and sent an email.

I got 36 clicks and  4 new sign ups!  Which is very good result for FREE traffic source!

Tracking results for Instant Profit Mailer Email Links