Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing COACHING PROGRAM

What I need for a start:
Facebook Login Data:

STEP 1. Sign Up to Mobile Monkey

Sign Up to Mobile Monkey
Sign Up Link: https://app.mobilemonkey.com/signup

The typical cost is $49/mo, but using my promo code below you can get the first 12 months for only $19/mo!

Here is the Coupon Code: “Isaacisamonkey” 

Step 2. Connecting your Facebook Business Page.

Now you are ready to get started by connecting your first Facebook Page. Don’t worry! We won’t start sending messages for you just yet.

Step 2. Connecting your Facebook Business Page

Step 3. Creating your first message

Step 4. Main Menu

We also created a “Main Menu” for your Facebook Page. This is a great way to keep some basic actions available to contacts at all times. Check it out in the chat plugin at the bottom right of the screen.

Congratulations! Your bot is set up.

Now let’s say hello to visitors who have messaged your Facebook page in the past. Send them your welcome message and ask them to opt in!

This is how your Main Dashboard will look like.

Look what is inside…


Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Training Course from MobileMonkey & Isaac Rudansky

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