Dual Squeeze List Builder Review 2018

Dual Squeeze List Builder Review and Traffic Bonus

Dual Squeeze List Builder Review 2018

Dual Squeeze List Builder Review 2018

Read My Dual Squeeze List Builder Review and Get Free Traffic Bonus

Watch Dual Squeeze Quick Start Steps

At the opening of this video tutorial you should will see Quick Start Guide which will get you going fast if you’re short on time , but here’s what I highly recommend – before you do anything else, please grab a drink and a snack and just watch this video.
I don’t want you to miss a single benefit of our brand-new dual squeeze service whether you’re a free member or an upgraded X-SITE member and don’t let our simple layout fool you either. There’s far more than meets the eye here and you will miss out if you don’t watch this video.  This is how to use List Building system – watch this video:

DualSqueeze program was created by well known online marketer – Brian Winters. Lets watch his explanation what it is now:

What is The Main Idea of DUAL SQUEEZE?

What is the main idea of DUAL SQUEEZE ?

What is the main idea of DUAL SQUEEZE ?

The main Idea is getting lot of subscribers every single day while promoting one single opt in page (squeeze page). The DUALSQUEEZE is the only Funnel builder in the online world that has a referral system built into every sales funnel you generate with this system (right inside every upgraded Dual Squeeze X-SITE Member aria). 

What is Free membership? 

As a DualSqueeze Free member you will be able to build your list faster than ever. Your own email subscribers will literally build your email list for you. So the FREE LIGHT VERSION is for the List Building Only. But if you want knot only build your list but also get commissions of $12 or $45 or even $100 on total autopilot while your List is growing than you need to make upgrade – this is what Dual Squeeze X-SITE membership is all about. Plus you can use $1 trial and start earning even before you pay for an upgrade.

How X-SITE Membership works?

  • As a X-SITE member you will get possibility to generate unlimited new List building Funnels.
  • Every new Dual Squeeze Funnel you create is automatically integrated into Dualsqueeze backend referral systemThis Referral System tracks every Lite Version member you refer through the DUALSQUEEZE FUNNELS system you create and automatically integrates your email info and your affiliate payment links into their funnels.
    So these free members will be sending you the sales from their visitors, because again their funnels will have your payment links in them! So if they send traffic to promote their own funnels – you will get sales and get paid! Their will also be building your list since there are two email opt -in forms in every single Dual Squeeze Funnel – built in automatically as part of behind the scenes referral system.
    This is why when you promote your DualSqueeze X-SITE , you are building an army of new affiliates and when you refer people who upgrade to the X-SITE Membership then you will make an instant up front commission of those people as well – so it is a win-win situation whether you refer free members or the upgraded members as long as you yourself upgrade to X-SITE membership.
  • As an X-SITE member, it is your lite version referrals who will be sending you sales on autopilot since again your email list and payment links will be integrated into their funnels automatically.
  • How Dual Squeeze X-SITE works?

    How Dual Squeeze X-SITE works?

    You can also integrate an additional income stream into every DUALSQUEEZE funnel you generateby simply entering an affiliate link to any outside offer that you would like and your visitors will land on your affiliate offer as the last page in your Dualsqueeze funnels!

    You can also integrate an additional income stream into every DUALSQUEEZE funnel

    You can also integrate an additional income stream into every DUALSQUEEZE funnel

    Why promote Dual Squeeze List Builder?

    Well, the main idea is – you are sending traffic to a squeeze page (Dual Squeeze) and if someone buys upgrade they will keep on paying a month after month after month. If they are joining they can pay either $200 a one-time price or $27 per month. So you’re getting 50 percent from the $200 and you’re making a hundred bucks instantly or, if they decide to pay monthly, than you are getting 50 percent off from the $27 which is so $13, 50. Lets imagine 10 people will sign up – that’s 140 bucks per month!
    So it’s not like you’re making the affiliate Commission once – you’re making this kind of money month after month after month and that’s only with 10 people! Just imagine a hundred people – that’s a thousand bucks per month just from sending traffic to this squeeze page.

    What kind of traffic will work best for Dual Squeeze Funnel Builder?

    Obviously you can send any kind of traffic but the kind of traffic that will actually convert into sales is your fresh buyers traffic. So if you’re gonna make a sale with the dual squeeze – this is recurring, so you make one sale you make Commission’s month after month after month.

    Choose between two options in Dual Squeeze Funnel Builder

    Choose between two options in Dual Squeeze Funnel Builder

    Traffic Tools from DUAL SQUEEZE creators

    Inside your DUAL SQUEEZE members Aria you will also get access to Traffic Tools including:

    • email swipes
    • Banners Ads
    • Top Tier Traffic Sources
    Traffic Tools from DUAL SQUEEZE creators

    Traffic Tools from DUAL SQUEEZE creators


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