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Facebook traffic blueprint for drop shipping funnels.

Facebook traffic blueprint for drop shipping funnels.

You have to make a new Facebook FUN Page for each niche - when you make your first funnel in the niche. Period.

Step 1. Create a Fun Page

If you make multiple funnels in the same niche, you can use the same page over and over again.  You can get needed images to reflect your niche Fun Page  on Google – just search for ‘free stock images.’ 

Sites that offer free stock images: 

Mage Omega

Mage Omega

Step 2. Create a post

Next we create a post with link (using URL Shortener  like to our sales page - like this for example.

Page Post Engagement - Ad/ Boosted Post

Most of your staff is going to fail, guys. But it is ok - this is why we must test a lot of products until we find a winning product and then we have to focus on promoting and selling of this winning product for a long time (like couple of months at least). This is how this game works. Period.

We will use for testing so called PPE - Page Post Engagement Ad (or Boosted Post). We will use small budget like $5 to $10 to find out where our staff working or not.

Marketing is a game of patience - so be patient when testing your products!

Creating  first PPE Facebook AD

  1. Creating your audience in Ads Manager - look for around 500 000 to 3 000 000 broad.
  2. In Placements - we need only Facebook News Feed. 
  3. Platform : All Devices  (Mobile + Desktop)
  4. Daily budget - $5.0 for 2 days (after first day we gonna see it and analyze and if it is a total disaster, we gonna kill it  )

Targeting Basics

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How to find Winning Products? The Secret is Reverse Engineering!

To Find winning product for drop shipping we do not have to reinvent the wheel.

The product that made on of my friend $200 000 in sales ...over 20 other stores are selling it on Facebook and another 50 stores on Amazon...

So I would razer jump on a trend and not try to create a new trend by myself.

How to Find Winning Product - The Secret is Reverse Engineering

How to Find Winning Product - The Secret is Reverse Engineering

Drop Shipping using MageOmega: Beginners Guide.

Drop Shipping with MageOmega - quick start guide

One product sell using funnels - this is what MAGEOMEGA concept is from its creator Greg Jacobs.  This program in its core it is the simplistic and fastest way how to generate your first $10000 in profit drop shipping  month.  

 Again - it is not about creating a Shopify store or any other e-commerce model store 🙂

Greg shows how to pick up a product (drop shipping) and make real money fast using MAGEOMEGA Funnels.



Few sings you are going to need

  1. Clickfunnels account - when you buy Clickfunenls account using Greg's link they will be able to go ahead and linking to give you MageOmegs Funnels.
  2. Domain name
  3. CloudFlaire account - free
  4. Customer support Email - Free with ZOHO
  5. SMTP account - Mailgun - Free 
  6. Payment Processor - STRIPE 

Setting up your Machine

ZERO GOAL.  The goal is to get your Money making machine ready to test and deploy funnels in around 20 minutes time. 

Once the machine is ready  - life gets easy and fun...



Below are steps to setting up your MageOmega Machine:

  1. Getting started
  2. Domain Name
  3. DNS Setup with Cloudflare
  4. Business Email
  5. SMTP Setup
  6. Payment processor setup