Tracking your links with Clickmagick

Clickmagick review: click tracking for affiliate marketers explained.

Learn how you can track your links using CLickmagick

Learn how you can track your links using CLickmagick

Welcome to my Clickmagick review!  Read my honest Clickmagick review to learn how and why you must track your links if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing business.

Why you need to track your links?

It is easy - you must track your links on your site and when you create traffic campaigns simply to know what works in your business model and what is needed to be improved as soon as possible. You need to know your stats, guys. 

What is Clickmagick?

ClickMagick is an all-in-one link tracker, rotator, link manager, and split-tester that's the perfect tool for internet marketers.
This is what you can do using CLickmagick:

  • You can retarget any link even if you don't own the site;
  • track your entire sales funnel so you know where the money is coming from;
  • automatically filter out bot traffic;
  • automatically analyzes traffic quality, and a whole whack more.

Clickmagick also comes with their own "money-layering" technology that replaces the need for tools like PopUp Domination and Sniply.
Nifty stuff if you're in to managing and maximizing your traffic in the easiest way possible Click below to get a demo and 14-day free trial:

Clickmagick review by Gena Babak

Watch how Clickmagick is gonna allow you to make  more money with your Facebook campaigns...

Use Facebook pixel for retargeting..
This video will show you how Clickmagick is gonna allow you to make  more money with your Facebook campaigns manage our Facebook campaigns more effectively and also just give you an edge over your competition when it comes to Facebook tracking and Facebook
marketing .
The first thing I want to cover is the fact that you actually can do Facebook retargeting with every single click magic link.  Each tracking link that you create in this little pixel code area you can paste in your Facebook custom audience pixel and I'll be able to do retargeting even if you are not the owner of the page.

The really really cool feature that'll allow you to enhance your Facebook  marketing is that if you look at this little cloak link tab right here if I click on yes you see page title page description of page URL this is extremely useful for any of you own Facebook groups or if you happen to share Facebook sharing links on your personal Facebook page.
This will allow you to control the title, description and the image that Facebook pools. 
I'm sure you've seen it before if you shared links on Facebook you notice that Facebook will automatically pull the image for you in the description and a title well this gives you full control over that so that you'll be able to have full control over how your links are seen on Facebook.

Clickmagick has ability to be able to track your entire funnel.

One very very powerful and unique feature and feature that Clickmagick has is the ability to be able to track your entire funnel.
With Clickmagick when you want to track an entire funnel what you need to do is create a link for each part of your funnel and place them all into the same group. 

In this scenario I have:

  • a landing page
  • I have a main offer
  •  I have an OTA offer
  • I have the link to my thank-you page
  • I have follow-up email one two and three that all point back to my main offer.

Now, typically what happens is with most click tracking software's if you get a sale in your follow-up sequence you will not be able to tell where that sale originated from. So if you have a landing page and let's say you're running a Facebook campaign you might have three different ads that you're running and if you get a sale and the follow-up sequence - it is nice to know that email one sent you the sale.
But you'd also want to know which campaign of the three different Facebook ad campaigns provided the sale for you - so you're able to see all of that within Clickmagick. 

You may use Clickmagick like it is shown in this video when creating your Facebook add campaign to track your entire sales funnel. 

When I do so I can see the overall stats for all of my different traffic sources and all identifications under my main landing page link.
That's extremely powerful because then you can see a breakdown of each single campaign that you're running and then you can see how you are doing overall.  Using Clickmagick group  I can see:

  • what is my funnel converting out overall from top to bottom; 
  • what is my EPC for my entire funnel;
  • what is my ROI you can hover over ROI numbers and you can see your total ROI. You can hover over ROI numbers and you can see your total cost, your total revenue and your net profit and your average order size all that good stuff.

This is how you can create rotators in clickmagick