One prospect per day equals Freedom Pay - MOBE Money Quadrant

Kiyosaki’s money quadrant explained for MOBE business model.

Kiyosaki's money quadrant explained  - next learn how to use MOBE Business Model to make $100 000 per year.

Learn how to make $100 000 in your first year with MOBE.

We will use MOBE Business Model and Marketing System to get to left side of Money Quadrant where money work for us and we do not need to work for money.  

Actually what we are looking for in this concept is one student per day - new student who decided to go into the MOBE 21 Step Training and Coaching Program.

Kiyosaki's money quadrant

One new student (new prospect) per day equals Freedom Pay: MOBE and money quadrant.

Examples below are based on MOBE Business Model and Marketing System

  1. For instance, if you can  focus on getting  just two front-end customers  a week (which is not difficult), then you can finish  the year with  over 100 of them.
  2. Next from those 100  customers you will have  at  least 20 of them to upgrade - so you getting commissions of $1,250 or as much as $25,000.
  3. Next from those 20  new clients you should have this - at  least half of them will upgrade again -  paying you  another  $33,000 (10 x $3,300 in commission).
  4.  Next from those people at least six  should upgrade further  paying you another $33,000.
  5. If just  three of those six  then upgrade - you would make another $30,000 in MOBE commissions.

Read more about goal setting and $121,000 in back-end commissions template from MOBE ...

Get peoples attention - that is your only job! You buy some product or service simply because somebody got your attention... To make money with MOBE you just generate traffic to MOBE opt-in pages and they do the rest giving you great commissions instead.

Get peoples attention - It is not a rocket science!

Well, that is a $121,000 in back-end commissions  from just 100 customers - simply by finding two new customers each week to buy a 21 step training course (only $49).

This is why I am going to encourage you to  take a long-term perspective  with this  business  and to think not just 12 months  into  the future, but  five years  into the  future.

MOBE is your Future. Just give It a Try!

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