This is How to Get Targeted Leads Using LeadServe (OPT-INTELLIGENCE)Platform

LeadServe helps to grow your List in a better way

Who is behind the project?

  • Joe Broumand

    Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Marc Golub

    Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Information Officer

So what is OPT-INTELLIGENCE (LeadServe)?

OPT-INTELLIGENCE (LeadServe) is providing opt in advertising model of getting new leads for your business.

How opt in advertising works?

Well, the OPT-INTELLIGENCE (LeadServe) company created technology which enable people who are interested in any kind of online offers to provide their emails on a specialized web sites based on the demographic and consumer interests of that sites.

For example is the consumer goes and register on a wall street journal site OPT-INTELLIGENCE technolory allows to get info who that customer is and what other advertisers news letters he would wonted to sign up for based on his location and interests.

How opt in advertising model works?

  1. For the beginning  – 90% of your target audience will never see your landing page if you use this traffic source – LeadServe does not use Landing Pages to collect Leads!
How opt in advertising model works - opt-intelligence review by Gena Babak

How opt in advertising model works – opt-intelligence review by Gena Babak

We are actually used to drive our users to opt in landing page using paid or free traffic

And there is nothing wrong with usual landing pages however you may be finding it hard to scale your lead generation program so and this is why LeadServe challenges clients to “go beyond their landing page” and it shows some great results! With such a unique “StayPut” ad unit LeadServe  takes your lead generation form to where your target audience actually is! Instead of trying to drive your audience to your landing page.

Here’s Exactly How It Works:

  • Your target user sees your offer on Facebook (or any of our partner sites), and clicks on it.
  • Your ad expands to reveal your form, which the user completes and submits.
  • OPT-INTELLIGENCE validate your leads and send them to you in real time.

So let us see how we can use this service to promote our business offer

  1. We create campaign
  2. We choose targeted audience and budget ($25 minimum) – as you can see we already know how many leads we can get!
  3. We Add Description for our offer – Creative
  4. Connect autoresponder to collect leads – yes, your leads will be added to your autoresponder!
  5. Waiting for approval and start getting our leads within 24 H!