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Uniregistry Review: Uniregistry Domain Manager


Read my Uniregistry review to learn more about one of the best domain managers available now.
Uniregistry allows you to manage your names in a very user friendly way. They say Uniregistry is the best way to manage your domain names. Click below to grab your domain.

Just insert your word (ideas) and get domain availability info



Use Domain Manager to filter your domains any way, anytime, however you like.



Customize the view.

Not all data is created equal. Choose the data most important to you and make sure you’re seeing just what’s relevant to you when you’re in the domain manager.

Changing NS and DNS records easily inside domain manager

UNIREGISTRY - changing DNS Records

DNS Records

Inside UNIREGISTRY domain manager area you can set where your name and corresponding subdomains which will resolve by adding various kinds of DNS records. DNS records are useful because they translate the easy-to-remember domain name to the corresponding IP address of the devices used to host a website.

How and why I create my blog posts – my best tip I can give to new bloggers



The idea to create this post was coming from my dear friends Lorena and Greg Kononenko. Lorena asked me to share my best tip for How I find ideas when I create new blog posts - the #1 tip to share with their blog readers. Well, this it it!

My blog is how I remember the things I value most

I do not actually post a lot to my blog now, but when I post its is usually the case that I found something really interesting online - something that gives me new approach in my online marketing business or usefull tool or software I may need to use in the future.
Here is an example - Ok, let us say I do not use retargeting in my ads right now, but I already created an article about retargeting Technics  and this article is like step by step instruction for myself - the best info about retargeting, the best software for retargeting the best case studies. So any time I occasionally see some real stuff about retargeting online - I will add this info to my article.
So when I finally decide to use it (and I know I will) I will not need to start from scratch... I will have all the links I need in one place.

I will use my articles in my social media posts

How I use my blog in my online marketing business and why I make posts

How I use my blog in my online marketing business and why I make posts

Also I create article and constantly improve my article to have possibility to use them in my social media activity - like for my Facebook Time line and my Facebook Group - in this case I also not only give people real value, but I also let  them know who I am and what is my business about and How I see the Life. The good example is The Power of Life article.

My article are ready to be included in my new product launch!

How and why I make my blog posts - affiliate marketing for beginners

How and why I make my blog posts - affiliate marketing for beginners

I use the same articles when I create new product launch! Now you can see my PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT membership Area and the same article as part of my training course...

This is my #1tip for new bloggers - right your posts for yourself and share them with other like minded people!

How to Increase Your Traffic with Improved Image Names

Read this article to learn How to Increase Your Traffic with Improved Image Names

We all know the old cliché, “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words.”  From Egyptian hieroglyphs and cave paintings to today’s social media shares, we are consistently finding new ways to use images to communicate, tell stories and make some sales.

When it comes to e-commerce lot of successful companies for example  like with Amazon owe a big part of their success story to imagery.  To hold the customer’s attention, most product descriptions need to be short and to the point.  This means you want the photos to speak volumes.

Imagine if you will, you created the right product and bought the ideal name for your domain, you paid for marketing Ads and you also launched the great looking website.  But what if and why do you think there is not so much web traffic to your site what you wanted it to be?

You need to do all possible to make sure that your customers  can really find you and even more importantly can find your product.  One way to do this is through Image Optimization or, Image SEO.

Image SEO

Choosing a Descriptive Image Filename

By now in your marketing journey through online business ideas you must’ve  heard the “Keyword” term from a vast number of different sources.  The term "Keyword", according to SEO experts, appear to be the SEO must have idea of your article. There are terms like  primary Keywords and also secondary Keywords… “Keyword” from Google search engine and the list of sources of info will probably go on forever.

Using Image SEO the first location to use your primary keyword will be the image filename.

This means if your image is a women’s top in a specific abstract design, the file name should not be something like ABDSC12325.jpg ! Instead, you want to rename it: “anna-moniquea-womens-top-abstract-v.”

In this case google search engine spiders will have something to grab onto to take back to their part of the web. You should start your file name with lowercase letter and also please remove all spaces.  For multiple words, join them with a dash.

Make the Image File as Small as Reasonably Possible

Loading times can be crucial for websites to maintain traffic. The faster the site, the easier to visit it and as you know your images have a big  impact on site Loading time.  Standard resolution for a screen image is 72ppi and most web pages won’t need an image to be more than 1000-1200 pixels wide.

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