5 steps to start a profitable blog in 2020

How to start a profitable blog in 2020

Looking at how to make money blogging? Just follow 5 steps guide to build a most profitable blog fast.

5 steps to start a profitable blog in 2020


How to start a profitable blog in 2020 - step 1 - chose your niche

First you need to chose a profitable niche for blogging. If we talk about money the best niches for blogging are:

  • make money online (affiliate marketing, mlm)
  • health and fitness
  • relationships

  These are the most profitable blog niches and you can even create your blog for each of them. With ROYALTIE AI blog engine it is easy to do and it will not even take a lot of time for you to manage your new blogs since your blog content will be created for you by ROYALTI AI system every day and on autopilot.

5 steps to start a profitable blog in 2020

STEP 2. Use ROYALTI AI to build your blog

How to start a profitable blog in 2020 - step 2 - use Royaltie AI blog engine

Most people use wordpress to start a blog, but I will share profitable blogging secrets with you now and one of them - you may need to use ROYALTI AI all in one marketing system to create and run your profitable blog, getting new leads for your business and making money 24/7 and on autopilot.

What ROYALTIE AI can do for you:

  • done for you blog engine 
  • new content created for your blog by AI every day
  • 3-click marketing system for your social media marketing
  • built in autoresponder and marketing system
  • free traffic from social media (free traffic from Facebook)
  • retargeting ads to make even more money

5 steps to start a profitable blog in 2020

Step 3. Start driving traffic to your blog

How to start a profitable blog in 2020 - step 3 - drive more traffic to your blog

This is another secret for profitable blogging - you may easily get free traffic from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How to drive free traffic to your blog from Facebook

The best part is ROYALTIE AI 3 -click marketing system will do all the job for you:

  • every day ROYALTIE AI system will be finding best viral content for your blog posts - all you need to do is chose what you like and click a button to post and share it with your blog readers
  • next Royaltie AI engine will send the content in ana email newsletter to your List of prospects which is also created by RAI on autopilot for you
  • here you can see how I drive traffic to my blog and generate new leads from Facebook spending not more than $5 per day

Watch this video to learn more now

5 steps to start a profitable blog in 2020

Step 4. How to monetize your blog using email-marketing

How to start a profitable blog in 2020 - step 4 - use email marketing for blog monetization

Every time you post a news to your social media using ROYALTIE AI engine it builds an Email List for you. 

Just create a follow up letters promoting CPA offers related to your niche - this is how you can start making money from your new blog.

How to make money blogging in 2020 - build your list blogging
How to make money blogging in 2020 with ROUALTIE AI blog engine

The money is in the List and now you may get new leads just posting to your social media daily from your Royaltie AI blog.

5 steps to start a profitable blog in 2020

Step 5. Use retargeting ads to make even more money

How to start a profitable blog in 2020 - step 5 - using retargeting ads

The last secret for profitable blogging with ROYALTIE AI engine for today - you may use built in retargeting ads feature to promote any particular offer.

How to make money blogging in 2020 - use retargeting ads from ROYALTIE AI

As soon as you get 100 leads,  you will get free access to ROYALTIE AI Retargeting Ads!

ShopZpresso review and DEMO plus Custom Bonuses

ShopZpresso review demo and bonus

Read my ShopZpresso review to learn how you can launch your own 3-In-1 online MegaStore that sells both physical and digital products for you and plus how you can get thousands of buyers every single day.

What SHOPZPRESSO is about?

ShopZpresso is 3-in-1 shop builder - a cloud based software -cript. The world is buying online during COVID-19 and ShopZPresso new app software is devoted to help regular people sell anything they want online.
You can sell both digital and physical products or even Software license using ShopZpresso. Plus you can create your own affiliate program to drive free buyer traffic from affiliate program.

Just follow simple instruction to install the script to your hosting server and:

  • Sell physical, digital & software
  • One Store to sell everything.
  • 1-Click import for 1000s of products
  • Get FREE TRAFFIC from affiliates
  • Make $100 to $500 per day
  • Newbie Friendly, Fully Tested, No tech skills needed, no staff needed.
  • Every Internet Marketer needs this
  • How you can profit from ShopZpresso?

    1. Create a digital product store and sell digital products like selling on Clickbank, warrior plus or JVzoo.
    2. Physical product store and sell physical products like shopify.
    3. Software licence Store and sell software license like envato/codecanyon.

    Good news - you can sell products using own affiliate program without paying any fees or % to the platforms like clickbank, warrior plus or JVzoo, amazon, walmart or commission junction.

    Watch ShopZpresso in action

    How to build backlinks for your site – backlinks SEO

    How to build backlinks for your site

    Read this article to learn how to build backlinks for your site. Backlinks SEO is very important if you are serious about ranking your website.


    Backlink  is a text-link that you click on to be redirected to another web site or website page.

    Backlinks are the part of SEO and very important for search engine ranking. Usually a backlink consists of two parts - the anchor text and the URL.

    You need to get more backlinks if you want to get your website to the top page of Google.

    Why use backlinks?

    BACKLinks are crucial IF YOU WANT TO GET FREE TRAFFIC to your WEBSITE! 

    Well, more citations = more traffic

    SEO is the best way to get high - qualified Google search traffic for free and backlinks are at the heart of Google's algorithm.

    More quality backlinks mean better rankings in Google search engine and more traffic to your website. 


    Get 300 free backlinks to your website with SmallSeoTools

    Build your first backlinks for free using SMALLSEOTOOLS FREE BACKLINK MAKER. This is the fastest way to start generating backlinks to your new domain.

    You will get access to many other usefull SEO features on Smallseotools site.

    How to create backlinks for your website 2020

    How to create backlinks for your website 2020


    How to buy backlinks in 2020

    Buying backlinks is the fastest way how you can get backlinks for SEO.

    I like to buy backlinks from Linksmanagement - I love their FREE SEO cost Calculator!
    Would you like to know how many backlinks and how much money and time it will take to outplay your competitors in Google ranking?  
    SEO cost calculator allows you to do this easily!
    Just enter your website's URL and keyword you want to promote to SEO Cost Calculator and get a report on successful SEO campaign.

    How to create SEO campaign and buy  new backlinks with Linksmanagement



    Here’s What SEO Cost Calculator Does - it Analyzes your backlink profile:


    Why To Use SEO Cost Calculator?
    This is what you get:

    1. Smart SEO budget planning
    2. Get exact number of needed backlinks
    3. Know the time-frame of your winning SEO Campaign

    Below you see one of my SEO campaigns 



    Next you just Confirm and let the software find best backlinks for you buy them for you automatically.

    Learn how to buy backlinks for your site in 2020

    3 Tips On How to Get Higher Rankings Faster

    • Get both monthly and permanent links.
    • Create separate SEO Campaigns for each type of links. By doing so you’ll get a natural and diverse backlink profile. Nguen Tuyen decided to mix up both permanent & monthly links and boosted his organic traffic flow by almost x7 in 60 days.
    • Add more promoted keywords.
    • Launch SEO Campaigns for each of the keyword you’d like to rank for.
    • The more keywords you promote, the higher are your chances to rank well on Google. Ehab Shaker Yasin Basuoni started his link building from scratch. And thanks to his smart promotion of several keywords he managed to pull in 3,900 visitors to his site in less than 3 months.
    • Add more promoted URLs. Remember to promote more than one web page of your site. Define which pages are the most important for your business and launch yet another SEO Campaigns for them. Xavier Cloitre from Bangkok promoted several web pages of his site and hit Google’s Top 5 with more than 50 keywords in less than 4 months.

    A proper link building is a necessity for every single website. We’ll help you act consistently to obtain the long-term & fruitful SEO results!


    How to track your backlinks in 2020

    You will need to use a special software to track your backlinks. In most cases this is not free, but you can start with Ubersuggest free plan backlinks analyzer.

    How to track backlinks for your site

    Another great tool is Site Explorer by Ahref - but you will need to pay for it.

    How to track your backlinks


    WP-BACKLINKS is a wordpress plugin created to help you monitor your backlinks for free.

    MONITOR. BACKLINKS. FOR FREE. Ultimate WordPress Plugin for Backlinks

    Just install WP-BACKLINKS to your blog and you will get all info about your backlinks:




    Why should I care if my links are indexed? Doesn’t Google crawl them anyway?

    Crawling basically means that Google’s ‘spiders’ have visited that new content and they are ‘aware’ of it. The single key difference between being crawled and being indexed is the quality of backlinks that you have coming into that new content.

    The more links you have that are indexed the better your SERPs will be.

    This is a huge indicator to Google that your backlinks are important enough to be indexed, resulting in a much more powerful and long lasting backlink.

    When to Expect Results From Link Building?

    Usually, the link building campaign is a long-term process which takes about 5-6 months to bring the results directly to you and requires step-by-step approach that in the end will save your precious time and money.

    Please take into account 3 important reasons why rankings on Google are usually achieved during 5-6 months, and not faster:

    1. You must get MORE backlinks than your competitor has. If you've already used our Free SEO Cost Calculator, check out once again how many backlinks you need to beat your competitor - make a research for several different keywords to find the best niche.
    2. Your Link Building Campaign Should Look natural in general, the link building process takes up to 6 months for Google to make sure the backlinks were built naturally. The backlinks should be purchased gradually and there is no need to be in a hurry. Distribute your backlinks buying during several months.

      Note: It is exceptionally important that you regularly increase the number of backlinks that your site has, but not a plenty of them during one day. Why? Because the possibility that there were no backlinks at all and, suddenly, a large number of backlinks have appeared is very low and has high chances of being suspected by Google. That's why backlinks should be purchased gradually starting with a small number per week and then gaining the tempo in case it is necessary. Learn more about natural link building speed.
    3. Control Your Link Building WiselyDuring 3-12 months a backlink is becoming only "stronger", but in pursuit of quick results some clients tend to forget this. They forget that Google doesn't send all the backlink value right away. This is the case when many entrepreneurs cancel their backlinks, simultaneously losing consumed time and money. They won't get them back.

      Eventually, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the graphic below that shows how the age of backlinks affects your rankings.
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