Bitconnect review: lending platform and great opportunity.

Bitconnect Review: Is it Legit?

Well, Bitconnect is paying to its investors around 1 % every single day since 2016, so if you ask me - its legit until it pays you money.

What is Bitconnect?

Bitconnect started as a lending platform and they started from developing their own Bitconnect cryptocurrency and they also have their own inbuilt exchange. 

Who you make money with Bitconnect?

You invest at least $100 in Bitcoins and transfer Bitcoins in BTC (Bitconnect cryptocurrancy). Then you simply lend your money to Bitconnect and they pay you a your profit (volatility interest) every single day. This is it. 

Another thing - you may reinvest your profit starting with $10 as soon as you got this amount in profit.