Avalanche review – new traffic software

Avalanche review and bonus

Welcome to my AVALANCE software review. You will learn:

  • What is AVALANCHE
  • How AVALANCHE is working
  • What is inside AVALANCE training area
  • OTOs review

What is Avalanche and do you even need it?
It is all approximately a way to make cash on line! That’s the dream, proper?
You keep reading approximately human beings making BIG income from Internet Marketing… And the way EASY it’s a long way… Yet you haven’t visible any of that huge coins, have you? Maybe you’ve even asked yourself if possibly you just don’t have what it takes to make large money on-line… Take my word for it once I say: YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES — and this new software program will make it less difficult!





OTO 1: 10x Profit Accelerator - $67
This OTO is designed to be IRRESISTIBLE, by doing 4 things: 

1: The FE is throttled at 20 daily software searches. With OTO 1 users get unlimited daily searches.  

2:  FE users get 50 Traffic Tokens. These tokens get them a modest amount of engagement (likes/comments, etc) on their videos. With OTO 1  they get an extra 500 tokens, which will flood their videos with enough engagement that they start ranking (and earning) right away. 

3: Takers of OTO 1 also get a Developer License so they can add a new stream of income using the buddy software by selling traffic to sites like Fiverr or to their clients and charge them $$$ 

4:  FE users are limited to sending their traffic to their YT videos. Takers of OTO 1 will also be able to send their traffic ANYWHERE they like, including bonus pages, their websites, blogs, you name it. This is a very cool benefit, as our in-house traffic exchange can be used manually by our users to generate tons of traffic for them, to send anywhere. 

OTO 2: AVALANCHE Entrepreneur Circle - $37

This upgrade is for users who want to scale their AVALANCHE business to six figures. It’s a training AND additional software. The software itself lets you SPY on your competition so that you can literally swipe successful YouTubers’ success. 

OTO2 also reveals how Vic, using this spy software and the Buddy System, to take his wife’s YouTube channel from ZERO to over 1 million  views, so users can duplicate it. This upgrade is perfect for people who don’t want to create their own content, AND for users with dead YT channels who want to explode them, and go on to become Influencers. 

With this upgrade we are also including  our MASSIVE library of video assets with commercial rights that creates stunning videos in no time at all…

Takers of this upgrade get full, live support with their AVALANCHE business as it grows, through 4 in-depth, LIVE sessions with Vic, where he helps them grow their AVALANCHE business. To make sure they are supported in between sessions, takers of this upgrade also get access to Vic’s secret  AVALANCHE Mastermind group, where they will be supported by both Vic.

OTO 4: AVALANCHE Zero Effort Profits - $37
Takers of this one get two things:

1: They get full access to Vic’s Abandoned Money-link software, which seeks out valuable YouTube videos that still get TONS of traffic, but has abandoned links. For example, say you find an abandoned video that gets 1,000 views daily. The link in the description is funnystuffonyoutube.com (just an example). When you click on it, it’s broken, meaning the domain is AVAILABLE to pick up for less than $10.

You simply buy the domain, point it to an affiliate link that is congruent with the video you just found, and BOOM, you have an automatic income source, as daily visitors will now be clicking on your link.  

2.  They also get full access to Vic’s flagship program Affiliate Academy. It is a MASSIVE training designed to take ANYONE at any level from where they are, to six figures, using affiliate marketing. It includes over 300 videos and has over 3 months of content. It’s a complete step by step process to make money starting from scratch.

OTO 5: AVALANCHE 5 Figure Club - $47
Users of this OTO receive 5 more income streams. With AVALANCHE 5 Figure  Club takers get INSTANT, fully upgraded access (complete funnels) to 5 of our other best-selling income systems.

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