Auto Emulate Live Review: 50,000 views & $25,000 in sales

Auto Emulate Live Review and Bonus

Auto Emulate Live Review and Bonus - How You Can Sky Rocket Your Videos Views To 200,000+ for FREE

Are You One of the Many  Regular Guys Who Are Terrified At The Thought of Doing Facebook Live Videos?

Don't worry - your definitely not alone. From our in house research we have identified 3 big reasons for this problem:
1  - Creating your first LIVE Video may be scary and difficult - getting  on camera LIVE is very intimidating for regular people, trying to  remember your lines and  not being able  to make some  mistakes is too hard .
2  - Social Anxiety! So, what happens when n o one  views  your brand new video  or give you  any interaction or likes for your hard work?! How will  that make you feel and look like?!
3  - They have not  caught on - well, while most people  know video is a hot topic,  they do not usually  realize that  LIVE videos are where is the massive growth actually happening now.

We offer you SOLUTION - read this review now and grab your AUTO EMULATE LIVE Copy Now

Auto Emulate Live Review and Traffic Bonus 

How would you like to get free traffic to your affiliate links or blogposts  or a website for free from Facebook? Do you know what Facebook Live is? Its not for everyone to create great Facebook Live sessions from scratch this is why its is much better and easier when you use Auto Emulate Live Software to get free traffic from your videos like you would get it from real Facebook Live Session. Watch this video introduction from creator of the software and my partner Paul Lynch.

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What is inside Auto Emulate Live?
Watch one of the videos now!

Also watch how you will be able to create an Image for your Facebook Auto Emulate Live Video

How To Create An Advanced Banner Using PixLr

What people say about their results of using our new Auto Emulate Live Software? Lets see!

Check Out PROOF of Actual Clients Using Auto Emulate In Their Businesses And Their Results

CASE STUDY #1 $400/Day In E-Com - Look what happened

Below is a video from a client promoting an Ecom product “pen pal”. After trying Auto Emulate Software his daily sales went from $100-$200/day to nearly $400/day!

AutoEmulateLive case study 1

AutoEmulateLive case study 1

CASE STUDY #2 Carpet Fitting - Yes even with local service niches Auto Emulate works

Whally Carpets is a local carpet business located in Blackburn, England UK. They had a FB fan page base of just 406 people. Typically a video would get 200-220 views on their fan page. By using Auto Emulate their first video got 3700 views! The owner was delighted and since then has been using it on multiple videos.

Auto Emulate Live case study 2 how it works for local businesses

Auto Emulate Live case study 2 how it works for local businesses

CASE STUDY #3 Personal Trainer in London - Generates $1000's additional revenue

Sean Wray is the owner of a local gym in Kent just outside London. He wanted to gain more exposure to his fitness brand and build a list of leads. So we suggested he ran a “giveaway” of 2 free memberships to his gym but they had to fill in a quick survey. This helped him build a pre qualified list of super targeted leads which he can then convert into $1,000's worth of paying customers.

Auto Emulate Live case study 3 from personal trainer from London

Auto Emulate Live case study 3 from personal trainer from London

Listen to how delighted Sean has been with his results from using Auto Emulate Live!

Facebook Live Interaction is growing fast - this can give your business a REAL Explosion with  Video Marketing Strategy we offer to you now. So just get your Auto Emulate Live Copy and start generating more targeted leads from Facebook Simulated Live Videos.

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