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Affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners

Free resources for online marketing you should use.

How to succeed online using free resources for marketing?

Marketing is one of the single most important things you need today if you want to stay in business and succeed online.  But there is one small problem - you may need a lot of money to make it work.  And if you are  just getting started, you may not have the money for marketing budget.

In this article I will show how you can run a full-scale marketing campaign with very little cost up front.  Here we’ve put together a list of ways you can utilize online marketing resources, often for free.  Yep, FREE!

Using Online Review Sites

First you have to make sure that  you are listed on Online Review Sites  - this is very important. You need this not only to get more traffic to your site and to get more product sales , but for ensuring that you have good online reputation.  Below you will find the most influential review-sites for this.

The most influential review sites

Google My Business Page: Setting up a page here will get your business on Google Search, Maps and Google+, and to allow your customers to review your online business. Such  reviews from Local business  receive high rankings usually in Google search engine results.

Yelp:  Yelp is the biggest online review site - this is why  you need to create a Yelp listing asap. It gets you in front of the site’s more than 140 million monthly users and, it’s free.

Yahoo: Yahoo offers paid services for local businesses  - you can get Yahoo basic business listing in Yahoo directory for $3 per week.  Also Yahoo Listing is incorporated with other Yahoo products (reviews, maps  and events).

Social media marketing

Industry Groups:  you may take into consideration choosing  couple relative to your business groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.  By offering advice and support you may establish and become  an expert in your field. Create your own Facebook group posting great value posts about your business to build your online presence and reputation so it will drive more sales.

Facebook:  If you haven’t already signed up with social media platform - start from Facebook since Facebook offers a number of tools for small business owners.

Twitter:  Twitter is also a powerful platform for placing information about your business.  Just study and follow some people in your industry or expertise. Learn  some dos and don’ts and figure out the best way to use it, then set up your own Twitter feed and start to Tweet.

LinkedIn:  The fastest growing and most influential professional platform online, LinkedIn has done for Professional Media what Facebook did for Social Media.  Set up an account to meet, engage and get in touch with other professionals about jobs and branding.

YouTube:  Visual marketing, especially in the form of video,  is still at the top when it comes marketing. With You Tube, this form is now more accessible.  Use it to tell a story, showcase your personality, or demonstrate a product without having to pay for ad time on TV.  

Monitor Brand Mentions:  It’s now easier to keep up with what’s happening.  Use a social listening tool like Social Mention to monitor and contribute to conversations in your industry. This will help you to stay on trends without having to spend every hour surfing postings.


Blogging:  Guest posting  -  you may want to find some other websites and blogs within your niche industry to create what they call a Guest post. Just try to make comments on this blogs and after that you may leave URL of your site in the appropriate field. You must use your real Business Name and not keyword - rich anchor text.

Install a free social sharing plugin on your blog (Share Buttons as an example) - it will make it easy for blog readers to share posts such increasing your traffic and audience.

How to Hold free webinars on your site

Hold free webinars on your site:  If you’ve researched this prospect before but decided it would be too expensive, consider some of these alternatives.  WordPress has a webinar plugin called WebinarIgnition you will be charged  $97 one time and you will get unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees for life. 

Join Forums and Answer Questions:  There are multiple forums these days out there and for there are forums  just about anything.  Take the time to make meaningful contributions to conversions and provide real value and give assistance to those posting the questions.  This will get the attention of other readers and make them more inclined find out more about you.  

Personally I like Quora - on Quora real people are looking to find real answers to their problem questions. You may search Quora for relevant questions, next  simply answer intelligently.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out):  Sign up and get free PR by responding to relevant media queries.  This will turn into free mentions and links in publications like Huffington Post, Forbes more.

eBooks: You can become an author and publish your ebook now.  Whether it’s about business or, choosing the best wine, you can create an eBook simply and for free. Just input your content into chapters using MS Word.  Add some images and links, edit and review and do a spell check.  Then you may save it as a PDF file and you already got an eBook! Post your ebook on your blog or website and offer the book in exchange for a person’ s e-mail address to grow your List.

There are so many options out there that you can implement. Do not worry - you may look at this list and just narrow it down to couple of options you are excited  about now.  Once you have got them under your belt, move on to a few more.

As a special treat for you, also read Forbes article about 33 great marketing tools for professionals.


How to find a Virtual Assistant for your business: beginners guide.

How to find a Virtual Assistant for your business

In this era of the Digital Age  more and more people are turning their minds to the Internet wanting to increase their business or personal marketing  exposure.  Each and every single day the ways on how to use online-marketing seem to be growing exponentially!

In one blog  post at this website  they are offering  a Guide  to 99 Online Marketing Tools !  Yes, you read  that  right -  99 tools!  And wordstream only listing the TOP 99.

From Clothing Boutiques to Real Estate Agents, Social Media  Marketing has  become  a reality and necessity when it comes to keeping  up in today ’s marketplace.  So, as if you are an entrepreneur or small business-owner then How do you think you may find the time  to run your own business and  increase your productivity, plus having  a personal life  and keeping up with the ever-evolving online-marketing field?

Hire people to help you with online business

Hire people to help you with online business

The short answer?  You don’t.  You should simple find someone and hire to  do  it for you.  Just enter the Virtual-Assistant (VA).

How to grow your business by outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants - watch this video.

If you have a business right now that you want to grow, you want to scale it up, you want to earn more money, you want to impact more people, right?
In order to do that successfully your are going to need help. You see, you can't do everything yourself. Oftentimes, that's one of the biggest mistakes and the biggest roadblock that a lot of entrepreneurs face, is they try to do everything by themselves.  
Sure enough, they're limiting their growth, they are in stress, they're overwhelmed and they're not able to make as much and automate and have actual freedom in their business.

Watch this video to learn how to grow your business by outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants.  

Who are Virtual  Assistants?

Virtual assistants usually are home - based and well-skilled professionals which offer businesses and entrepreneurs support remotely,  instead of within the traditional offices.  In this case the communication usually is done via  e- mail and phone  or even face-to-face  services - remember the Skype?  This alleviates the need to provide additional work space at your office or other business location.

Don’t Virtual Assistants Just Provide Basic Admin Support?

Back, when remote-assistants first came on the online marketing scene, the majority  of their  services where focused on administrative tasks - those tasks, that were similar to those of an executive- assistant and a  secretary.  They were just done from Virtual Assistant home.  However, with the growing number of VA s available, their offerings today  run the  gamut  and, thanks to the incredible increase in popularity of Social Media Marketing and other Online Marketing, needed  specialists in that  area have become much easier to  find  and are much more  beneficial to have working  with  you.

What do you need to consider when hire  your first Virtual-Assistant?

When you choose to hire a virtual assistant the first thing need to determine - is whether you want them to be an employee or just a self-employed contractor for you.  There are pros and cons with each arrangement.

When you hire an employee, even a remote one, you will need to provide any benefits  your other employees receive, based on employee  status, ie: Full -time, Part -time  or hourly, as well as add them to  the regular-payroll.  One Real-estate Agent from California area reported he has a full-time person who's only job entails maintaining all Social Media postings for active accounts.

If you choose to work with independent contractors or a freelancer you will have none of those  responsibilities, but  you will have little iv any control over the hours they work or and you will be not able to demand from them when they should be available for you.

To be designated as an independent contractor, an individual must be free to determine how the work will be done to completion, free from the client/company’s control.  The contractor should be in 100 % responsibility for the Final-product only as far as  the terms of their contract requires this.

A few  years ago  the University of  Florida even created The First  Bachelor  and  Masters Degree  program  to provide accredited  education in Social Media Marketing and  other schools also followed after  that.

Can You Hire A Virtual Assistant For $2 Per Hour?

Philippines Virtual Assistants

Over the past 5-10 years, the call center and outsourcing business has exploded in the Philippines. The new technology combined with a young, educated and ambitious workforce has made the Philippines a popular location for virtual assistants. Read the reviews to see which option is right for you.

Where Can I find a Virtual Assistant?

Just as the internet provides the opportunity for  the concept of a Virtual Assistant  to work, it also provides locations as well as some platforms to easily  find and hire, and pay to your Virtual Assistant.  Here is a short list of web-sites which provide Freelancers and Online Businesses a way to find each other:

  • 24/7 Virtual Assistant
  • Assistant Match
  • eaHelp
  • Fancy Hands
  • Freelancer
  • FlexJobs
  • People Per Hour
  • Red Butler
  • Time Etc.
  • Me
  • Upwork
  • Virtual Assistant USA
  • Virtual Staff Finder
  • Worldwide 101
  • Ziptask
  • Zirtual

Hiring a Virtual assistant will help you to keep more energy and time on your hands, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

For more information on finding the best Virtual Assistant for your business simply check this out   for some reviews of the best virtual-assistant companies in the world today.

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Marketing Funnels vs Sales Funnels What is the Difference?

Marketing Funnel (Business Funnel)

Marketing Funnel is a system that assists in tracking the steps potential clients move through to before ultimately making a decision on the purchase of goods, or use of services.  
Marketing funnels let you see at each step what you need to do to influence potential clients toward the end goal, turning them into actual clients.

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel–Refers to the buying process that businesses direct a client through when purchasing products or obtaining services. Like a Marketing funnel, Sales Funnel is divided into several steps.  These steps will differ according to your particular sales model.

What is the difference?

What happens in your Sales Funnel?

What happens in your Sales Funnel?

Or to put it more simply, marketing funnel is about capturing a lead and taking people to the point of a sale where a sales funnel captures and then leads people through the sales process via a series of pitches, etc.

In businesses where the marketing and sales departments/people are separate roles from one another, the two different concepts are implemented separately with Marketing Funnels working to create interest at the top and acquire clients at the bottom, these acquisitions becoming the top of the Sales Funnel.

In smaller businesses, this distinction may become a little muddled as employees may need to wear multiple hats, but for the sake of this article, we’ll go with the simplest viewpoint.

Your marketing is responsible for compelling an individual to become a potential client by creating awareness. It will typically focus on a broad area through a variety of methods, with the idea of attracting as much interest as possible.  These days this of commonly done via social media, paid advertising, blog posts, and PR.  Thanks to the internet, the possibilities are almost endless when looking for a target audience.

This initial scouting is the TOP of the marketing funnel.  The goal of these endeavors is to provide enough information to interest the general masses in taking action and becoming potential clients.

The final goal is to end up getting the potential client to provide contact information and hopefully specific product interest.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways including a free eBook download, providing a contact form with the promise of more info, calling a toll-free number, or any other process you can collect their details.  This result makes up the BOTTOM of the marketing funnel.

By acquiring this info from a potential client, you will then be able to move them into the procedures outlined on the sales side and bring them to the TOP of the Sales Funnel.

Different businesses will show a variety of ways that this transition from Marketing to Sales may happen, but the overall desired result will be the same, gaining a loyal and long term client that will refer others to a business’s products and services.

So essentially, sales have the power to change condition through the skills of the sales team. A sales funnel dictates the actual steps used to lead your customer towards the final goal, the actual purchase or use of services that you are offering.

Marketing, however, generally does not possess this same power. It needs to work with conditions as they come.  The use of a marketing funnel is to create some anticipation about what is being offered or sold.

Both Marketing Funnels and Sales Funnels can become very complex systems with numerous sub-steps within each primary step, depending on who your client is compared to what you are offering.

Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access

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