Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources I Am Going to Use in 2019

In 2018 I published the affiliate marketing traffic sources I was trying in September. The response to that article was fantastic and I got a lot of great feedback from my publishers at PeerFly.

This year I am going to follow it up, but I’m also doing something a little different.

For 2019, I am publishing the traffic sources I am going to use this year and then I will create blog posts to document my experiences with each one.

The traffic sources I am going to try are:

  • Zeropark (push notifications, redirects, and pop)
  • PopAds
  • Bing Ads
  • PropellerAds (push notifications and pops)
  • AdMaven (push notifications)
  • Adsterra (push notifications)
  • RichPush (push notifications)
  • MGID (push notifications and native)
  • EZmob (push notifications)
  • Facebook Ads

That is 10 traffic sources I am going to test this year with my affiliate marketing campaigns. I am hoping to test 1 each month. That gives me 2 months of leeway.

I will not be testing them in that order. I will likely test each one based on which traffic source has the most discussions on affLIFT or based on the feedback I receive from my PeerFly publishers.

Here is a quick breakdown of why I’m excited to test each of these traffic sources and why I think you should consider them for your affiliate marketing campaigns this year.



I have run campaigns on Zeropark for years. It is not a new traffic source to me. In fact, in 2018, it was my most profitable traffic source!

This year, I will be focused on Zeropark’s push notification, redirect, and pop traffic. Last year, I was primarily focused on redirects with some pops mixed into my campaigns.

I believe 2019 will be “The Year of Push” and I’m very excited to work on getting some campaigns profitable and scaling using Zeropark’s awesome self-serve at platform.


Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources to use in 2019

You may be surprised to see PopAds on my list of traffic sources I want to test this year. It’s the traffic source I most recommend to newbie affiliate marketers, but I think it has a lot of untapped potential.

PopAds has a ton of pop traffic and the traffic is cheap. That is a really good combination. The “trick” I believe to getting PopAds affiliate campaigns profitable is simply massive testing and optimization. Well, with cheap traffic you have cheap testing.

PopAds also has a bunch of tracking macros you can pass into your link to help with optimizing their traffic.

I will not be taking your traditional route of testing a bunch of affiliate offers in separate campaigns on PopAds trying to find a winner. Instead, I will be mass testing hundreds of offers at once. I’m also going to build a custom tracking script for all this to make optimizing the campaigns easier.

The programmer in me is really excited for my plans for testing PopAds, but the realist in me is telling me it’s going to take a lot of time. One thing I am running low on lately is time. I will have find a way to dedicate time to programming my optimization script, but I think it will be worth it.

I will be documenting my progress in our PPV forum on affLIFT.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads
Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources to use in 2019

I spent a lot of time last year testing Bing Ads but never really had any campaigns take off the way I had hoped. I believe my biggest mistake with testing Bing Ads last year was not using my own custom landing pages.

All of my testing was done by driving traffic to an iframed version of the affiliate offer. This proven to be not as effective as I had originally hoped.

This year, I will be creating landing pages using a landing page builder like PureLander to test Bing traffic. I believe this will perform much better for me and I am excited to testing landing page builders for the campaigns too.

By the way, you can still get a $100 credit when you deposit $25 in your Bing Ads account. Just use the affLIFT Bing Ads promo code!


Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources to use in 2019

I started running affiliate offers on PropellerAds a long time ago. I have never gotten anything overly profitable or had any campaigns make long term income for me, but I think that is more my fault than PropellerAds.

They have a ton of push notification and pop traffic. They also have a great self-serve platform for optimizing your campaigns. It’s a popular traffic source with affLIFT members and I know there’s a lot of untapped opportunity so I’m excited to give it another try and really focus on my campaigns there.

PropellerAds Guides and Case Studies

We have some great free PropellerAds guides and case studies on affLIFT. Check them out!


I have never run a campaign on AdMaven, but they joined affLIFT and they have bee very active. I know I have met with members of the AdMaven team over the years at Affiliate Summit as well. So, I am excited to give them a try.

They have multiple ad formats you can run, but I will be focusing on testing some of my proven affiliate campaigns with their push notification traffic. That will be a good test for how they perform compared to the other push notification ad networks I am testing.


Adsterra is another traffic source that I have never used that I am excited to try in 2019.

I will be running my push notification affiliate campaigns on there and documenting how their platform and traffic compares to the ad networks I’m already running push campaigns on like Zeropark and PropellerAds.


Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources to use in 2019

RichPush is the first new traffic source that I am testing this year. I have been interested in testing them for a few months now, but since they joined affLIFT and offered to sponsor our contest this month, I decided to give them a try.

My initial results on RichPush were amazing. My first campaign was 94% ROI positive after 1 day with about $100 profit.

Of course, beginners luck never lasts so the second day was ROI negative and now I have to actually put some effort in to try to optimize the campaign and get it ROI positive again 🙂

I am excited to test RichPush and as soon as I publish this blog post, I will be depositing some more money and running some more campaigns.

I will publish my article with my experiences with RichPush in the next couple weeks!


Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources to use in 2019

MGID is a traffic source that has been around a long time and we have worked with them at PeerFly for years. One of the reasons I want to test them this year is because I do not have a lot of experience with running native ad campaigns. They have a lot of native traffic and I know it will convert with a good campaign, so I am excited to try that.

MGID also recently added push notifications to their self-serve ad platform so I want to test that as well.

If you want to give MGID a try, you should check out the affLIFT list of affiliate marketing promo codes. There’s a good one on there for MGID that gets a 25% bonus on your first deposit!


EZmob is another ad network that I have never tested. However, they recently joined affLIFT and their support seems great. They have a nice self-serve platform and I’m going to test their push notification traffic.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

I have spent a lot of money on Facebook Ads over the years and I have run many different ad campaigns there. I have built huge Facebook Pages and I have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise through the Facebook Ad platform.

Today, Facebook Ads is still as powerful as it has ever been. I do not foresee that changing anytime soon despite all the commotion around privacy on Facebook.

At the moment, I am running retargeting ads on Facebook and this year I plan to expand my affiliate marketing to include Facebook Ads as well. I ran Facebook Ads for affiliate offers last year, but nothing really stuck for too long. This year, I am hoping to drive more traffic to lead generation campaigns using my own landing page funnels.

Facebook Ads will likely be the last traffic source I test this year. It’s an amazing source of traffic and I will be running campaigns all year, but as far as my affiliate marketing campaigns go, I will be focusing primarily on the traffic sources mentioned above first.

That’s it! As you can tell, I will be very focused on push notification traffic. Push notifications are really hot right now. They’re cheap and they seem to convert well.

I’m excited to expand my affiliate marketing be focusing more on building landing pages and funnels as well. Direct linking an affiliate offer is not a bad strategy, but moving beyond that and focusing on building great landing pages and optimizing for conversions should yield me better results.

I’m also excited about my programmatic operation I’m going to develop for PopAds. It could fail, but I think the opportunity is too big to pass up and I also think it will be fun to build.

2019 is going to be a great year. I already have a lot of things lined up that could make it my largest revenue producing year ever, but with the strategy I’ve outlined above, I think it could also take my affiliate marketing to the next level.

I look forward to documenting my progress with you.

Let’s make some money!

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