Activecampaign review: Activecampaign vs AWEVER, Activecampaign vs GetResponse

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - email marketing automation

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - email marketing automation

ActiveCampaign Review (2018): Email Marketing Automation overview

I started thinking about email marketing automation when my AWEBER list started to grow fast and when I joined couple of passive income programs so I just needed to created couple of list not related to each other.

This is why is Email automation is critical in your online marketing carrier.

You see, when I had $300 subscribers on my list I was almost not getting any sales from my email campaigns, but when my I got 3500 subscribers and I did not see almost no sales ... I started to realize that something is wrong with the system...


I realized that I must learn more about my subscribers and unfortunately AWEBER does not offer automation tools I need. I needed things like:

  • Move/Copy Subscribers
    Segment your list based on behavior by seamlessly moving or copying subscribers from one list to another when they click a link
  • List Cleanup & Backup
    Lower your AWEBER costs by removing unsubscribes automatically, and safeguard against losing your precious list with automated backups
  • Facebook Integration
    Import subscribers directly to your AWeber account with Facebook Lead Ads, and target your engaged subscribers with Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Online Video Integration
    Send targeted messages to your subscribers based on the length of time they’ve watched your video. We support Youtube, Wistia, and Vimeo - more services coming soon!
  • Tagging
    Use Custom Fields and Tags to segment your subscrbiers and control which AWEBEW Campaigns are delivered and so on

All these tools are offered by AWPROTOOLS - and I started using AWPROTOOLS. I used it until I got email from one of colleagues - he showed me one of his Activecampaign case studies. And now I got all the automation tools and autoresponder in one place. This is why you now read my Activecampaign review.

Activecampaign offers cool reporting for each individual email you send!

When you sending email using Activecampaign and you create automation campaign and you add a link or links in your email this is what happens next. When you send this letter you will start  interacting with the readers of that email! How? Well Activecampaign allows you to see report on how everybody is interacting with your email: 

  • You can look and see like how many people are opening that email
  • how many people are clicking links within that email here we can look

Activecampaign has really cool reporting for each individual email! This is how it works  - when Activecampaign sends that email for you it tracks:

  • if someone clicks a link
  • if somebody opens the email
  • if they do any kind of interacting whatsoever Activecampaign takes note of that and you can tag people, you can do all kinds of things. 

Add Action to your link!

Activecampaign review by Gena Babak - adding action to your links

Activecampaign review by Gena Babak - adding action to your links

Lets imagine you want to invite your subscribers to your Facebook group using the letter with invitation link. When you create your letter in Activecampaign and add a link inside it - the Activecampaign allows you to add ACTION to it... meaning if somebody clicks that link what else do you want to do? 
And you can say well I want to tag them - this is what I would do first actually and I want to tag them like "JOINE FACEBOOK GROUP" ...Why doing this?
I want to know that person saw my  Facebook group email and they joined it so eventually if  I want to do a big push to try to get more of my email list to join my Facebook group, well that's really easy to do  - I can go look at everybody that has clicked my Facebook group link won't get the email and everybody that has not clicked that link will get the email right? So now you should realize the power of email marketing automation - think of your possibilities!!! This is like you lead your subscribers to any idea you have and you see who is interested. And remember in AWEBER - you can only send the letter to your list... hoping people will interact and hopping you will understand what to do next ... 

Active Campaign review by Gena Babak -  tracking your email links

Active Campaign review by Gena Babak - tracking your email links

Once automation is created and you used some links in your letters - you will even have possibility to see how things are going with those links - did people click or not! Os not this amazing - no AWEBER no GetResponse can not give you such informative report and such a great flexibility with your email campaigns!

Putting people to a different automation (sales letters sequence)

CASE STUDY: Also for example you want to promote new product launch about traffic - you may create new Activecampaign List about this product and send a promotional letter to your existing members with the link. 

Add Action to this link - like if somebody clicks the link than subscribe this guy to new LIST (which includes letters promoting the new launch)...

Activecampaign "if-then" statement: Give your email another chance! Change your Subject Line

Another great feature for Activecampaign is called if-then statement. This is how it works.  


Well within the Activecampaign you have this statement that says
-  Did this contact open this email or did this contact not open this email

if they didn't open that email I'm trying to sell something in that email if they didn't even open it then it's gonna give them this "NO" statement and they're gonna go over to next part of the automation. It's gonna send them an email with another and NEW Subject Line giving your email another chance. Basically it's almost the same email but it has a new subject line because they didn't even open it. 

So whatever If  the subject line in that first email didn't even hook them they didn't even care and so I'm going to send them a new email now with a new subject line hopefully giving them into it.

Activecampaign "if-then" statement:
Segment your clickers! 

Same thing with segmentation of your clickers. 

First scenario. You send the email and they open the email but they don't click link's then it's going to segment them out again.
I just I click plus and then I say "if-then statement" and I say 
- hey if they didn't click any of my links I want them to get another email because they read the email didn't click any links...  

Activecampaign - segmenting your links clickers

I kind of want to bug them a little bit more. I'm kind of a pushy marketer.
But anyway you can see this just can become a giant sequence and then they all come back if they never open any of my emails they get sent three letters and if they don't open any of those that's fine - they're clearly not interested.
 I'm gonna move on they're  all gonna go back into this main line again it's gonna wait a few days and it's gonna start suing them a new email for a new product that I sell.
You may sell a lot of products and it's gonna send them that email and if they open it yes well good they opened it you don't have to worry so much about them anymore,  but if they didn't open it okay well let's change the subject line and let's send them a different email ... right and you can do all this just very easily...

Now you should realize the power of email marketing automation and this is why you still reading my Activecampaign review...

Amazing but you can see where your contacts during the automation (at which step and how many people)

Activecampaign is tracking and allows you to look and you can see where your people are during the process of automation. 

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - tracking your links during the automation

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - tracking your links during the automation

Yes its racking so at any time you can look and you can see where people are so right now - I've got 14 people that are at this point in automation right? They've they've been sent this email and they're in the waiting for one day . They're gonna go here it's gonna do a quick check is it a weekend or and then if it's not a weekend then we're gonna send this next mail...
It may sound complicated but people just move from one step to the other...

What Actions are available for your Activecampaign?

Below you see your SENDING OPTIONS screenshot

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - sending options review

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - sending options review

Also you have a lot of possible Conditions for your sending options

Activecampaign review by GENABABAK - sending options for activecampaign letters

Activecampaign review by GENABABAK - sending options for activecampaign letters


Next at the end of your automation there are people who have received like a bunch of emails.
So I can add PLUS IF- THAN STATEMENT  and I'll say
-did they open any emails  - yes - cool


- did they not open any of my twenty emails  - no? Well let's put them in this list of people that don't get like nearly any emails because they don't open my emails and and I'm just wasting sending my emails to them, right? 

But if YES and they open five six emails - okay - let's put them in this list of people that are hot (HOT LIST) and they get good emails and and they interact and I give them cool bonuses and things like that. 

Adding tags to your contacts

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - adding tags to a contact

Activecampaign review by GENA BABAK - adding tags to a contact

You can also do things you can add tags to them. For example  as soon as they finish the automation I'll tag them and say - hey, this person's been through this automation.
Or another example - once somebody has been emailed three or four times about a product I'll say - hey, this person has heard about this product, they've opened the emails maybe they didn't click the link don't email them about it again because you're
probably in a point where you're gonna bug them.

Create personalized experience 

This is how Activecampaign allows you to create this really personalized experience - I never bug people too much about a product. Once they hear about it and they read my email and I have kind of understood it that I don't bug them about it anymore and I can tag them and never again have to bug them. 

People that click a lot of links and and stuff like that I can I could figure out exactly what they're interested in and send them specific emails.
So what this does is it gives you the ability to really personalize everybody's experience with with your company and when when they come in you get much higher conversion rates and open rates because everybody's getting emails  about things that they're interested in and they're getting emails as often as they are able to open them.