ABOUT ME - GENA BABAK: How to create online business blog

Hi! My name is Gena Babak. I am a full time internet marketer and work in bizop and passive income streams creation niche.

In 2017 I created my own online business company Businessstartideas.com

I am also a professional trader and trade different assets since 2007.




But I do not want you to know what I do for living before you feel what I am. And to let you do this I will tell you what I really love to do and this is dancing! This is who and what I am inside.

So if I suddenly die and God asks me what I’ve been doing all this time, then I’ll tell him – I was dancing!

Now I am CEO of Business Start Ideas - I SHARE MY BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE

I traded for 10 years - Trading Forex and Stocks - Now I am more like investor

I started trading in 2006 and since than I have managed to do day trading one of my favorite hobby and second profession. Today I have my own Home Based Investment Fund. I also teach how to make money trading and have a lot of students around the globe.

In cooperation with Alex Morris we created Strategy Builder which helps me a lot with my strategies. See the video below.

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