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$7500 on autopilot: Paul Turner testimonial for mydotcom business

$7500 on autopilot: Paul Turner testimonial for mydotcom business

My dot com business franchise review

$2000 + $7500 On Autopilot!
Watch This testimonial from Paul Turner!

This is Paul Turner testimonial for my dot-com business Franchise Business! He Made $2000 with PRO Sales and after that he also made $7500 on autopilot.

What is PRO Sales?  PRO is our low ticket front-end offer ($117) which has been really really consistent and that's what I was looking for in a business - I needed something that the long term and will be sustainable.  So during his first 90 days  Paul made $9500 dollars in sales. But the best part is He didn't have to upsell anything - the coaches did that for me behind the scenes.

"My  name's Paul Turner from the UK but I'm not in UK at the minute  - I'm occurring here in Las Vegas.  it's a Monday morning here the casinos already open and people pay. So let me just tell you my journey with mydotcombusiness  - I joined it I think it was around about  Christmas time and I didn't start doing  anything until I went to the orientation day .
I went to the franchise  level could see the value,  went to the orientation day, which is so cool to  be able to go and actually visit company head office and meet all the staff and the hospitality and everything is just  amazing.
So it is now kind of mid March and I haven't done anything for a couple  of weeks because I've been here in Vegas , but in that time I've made well over 2,000 dollars with pro sales and then , what's more exciting though is I've actually made seven and a half thousand dollars with the franchise sales but I  didn't have to do any other selling - the team did the whole thing for me .
So, Paul Lynch and his amazing team are  set an amazing system -  it really works , guys!
So this trip to Vegas has been entirely entirely covered by what I've  made from my own business - so I just want to give a big thank you to other guys and, listen, if I can do it you guys can  do it because the system is so great the phone coach is doing an amazing job. It  frees me up to come and spend time in Vegas and I've actually made a couple of  pro sales while I've been here complete autopilot, guys -  fantastic company, fantastic business and if  you consider enjoying it, you should just press the button now just do it at least go pro - come in check, it out - it is amazing you won't regret it.

STEP 1. Register Your Free Account

As soon as you register free account you will get access to your free sales funnels which will help you to start making money from your day one. But if you want to see the real power of the hole system in action you need to become a PRO Member.

Your next step - you must be a BSI PRO MEMBER ($117 upgrade to a PRO) -  watch this video below to understated why its is important for you.


When you become a PRO Member we will send free traffic for you and you will get at least 30 new members to your down-line during the first week ! And watch this video to ;earn what is inside you PRO members ARIA.


We will spend this money to send you traffic - so you will see results in your new business much faster!

STEP 3. Use Simple Plan To Financial Freedom



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