5 Best Ways To Improve Creativity In Your Employees


Read my article to learn how 5 Best Ways To Improve Creativity In Your Employees..


By creativity, it is often the need to be free to think independently that is being referred to and when this sort of an approach is applied to the workforce it would be evident that each and every worker in any sector need to be creative to bring out the best in terms of performance as well as better productivity.

Discussed in brief are 5 simple steps that each employer can adopt to increase the creativity of the workforce.

#1. Allowing a break in between

The current thinking of even the most conservative of managements is to allow a small break from work during the day. This could be used to have lunch or even to catch up on the news of the day but it is important to allow the workforce to mingle with each other. This would work to the advantage of the employer in that different ideas and thoughts would tend to be discussed among the workers and thus bring about a changed thinking and even a new way of doing something as well.

#2. The need for some forms of stress relief

The HR manager at Mr10.in stated that “It would be a good idea to have an LED TV installed somewhere in the working premises. This could be the cafeteria if the situation is such as to allow this or somewhere quiet and isolated. The very idea is to allow some form of release to the stresses that are typically built up at the workplaces.”

The quicker the stresses are relived the better for the person under the stress as well as the people who work alongside the affected person.

#3. Keep a drop box on the premises

Most people would have seen this sort of application being tried out at some point or the other during their working lives. It is a simple yet effective way to foster creativity and does not cost much. When a worker, however junior that he might be, gets to know that his views on any matter would be heard out; it is going to increase the creativity among the workforce and more people would try to pitch in with new thoughts.

#4. Controlling the dictators

With most places of work, there is always bound to be those that are domineering, so to speak. Unless these characters are controlled effectively, it would be difficult for others to express themselves and it would be a situation where it is often the point of these dictators that are carried forward. This leads to a situation where the silent majority feels left out of the organization and it would more or less be a one-man show. The best interests of the workers are served by putting a check on these dominating personalities.

#5. Having a founders day

The workplaces that do use a celebration to mark the founder’s day bring on an occasion to be creative. It is an event in most workers calendars and just the right way to have the management interact with the workforce. There is the added effect that loyalties to the employer are strengthened by this sort of celebration. The extra effort and expense must not be allowed to come in the way of a proper celebration as this would be paid back multi-fold over time.


The best workforce or companies are always those that encourage a certain amount of creativity among the workers. But this must not come at the cost of discipline in which case the whole exercise could be just a waste of time. The watch word must be balance that is sought in the workplaces.

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