5 minutes funnel review - passive income from clickbank

5 Minutes Funnel Review and Traffic Bonus: Clickbank profits on autopilot

Welcome to my 5 MINUTES FUNNELS review - read it if you want to learn how you can easily create new life-time passive income stream from Clickbank using automated system, created by Patric Chan.


Most people failed to make money online is because they don't know how to start - or get info overloaded. It's too "complicated" for ordinary people. What if I tell you... That you there's actually a simple way for you to make money online?

And the best part is – you can get started today and probably, start making money online by this evening. 

With this simple method, all you have to do is to promote a webpage – that's it. 
As simple as that. No experience needed. This method is suitable for anyone who wants to make money online anywhere and anytime...

  • You don't need to have hosting
  • You don't need to get a domain name
  • You don't need to build a web-page

So "Do You Want My Proven Funnel For 100% Free Today?"

By knowing how much each of your leads are worth in a sales funnel, you can afford to generate as many leads as possible. Then the leads will continue to be in your email funnel to be monetized - for lifetime profits.  This is the EXACT FORMULA how you can make passive income and enjoy your freedom.

Claim Your Done-For-You Funnel And Make Money Online In The Same Evening...

The good news is, you do not have to reinvent the wheal - just use 5 MINUTES FUNNELS system, created by Patric Chan and you will be able to launch an internet marketing done-for-you funnel with up to 2,000 leads, in just 5 minutes from now... To get the 5 Minutes Funnel, just register for an account for free today.

What is inside 5 minutes funnel system?


This is your main dashboard inside of the 5 minutes funnel system. Creating Sales Funnels is the best way how yo can make money in affiliate marketing. But not many people know how to do it properly. 

This is why Patric decided to create this system which allows everyone to start making money online just sending traffic into the system which already includes all the sales funnels.

what is Instant UPSELL FUNNEL Monetization? 

Some people also call it a self - liquidating offer (Funnel). Patric is very experienced marketer and he knows how importent to monetize your funnel from the very beginning - this is why he included this feature into the system.
This is how it works - once your lead is in the funnel - it will be automatically presented with an offer so that it can monetize for you. You will get 100 % commission from this offer but the best part is that you will also get what we call Life-time Email monetization.

WHAT IS Life-time Email monetization?

Once your leads are in the funnel - your leads will continue to receive emails from the system. And each of these will carry your affiliate link to one of the Clickbank's product. Can you imagine that for life-time this system will be monetizing your leads for you?!


You will also get promo tools including email swipes and banners.

Know the value of your lead!

Details Stats to plan your promotion!

Detailed stats will allow you to know the value of your lead! Which means that if the leads value is a $1 and you have 1000 leads - it means that you could make $1000 per month! So having this system in place all you need to focus on is PROMOTION. Plus you can export your leads at any time.

This system is like you are outsourcing the monatization of your leads!

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