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3 Push Notification Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing for beginners

3 Push Notification Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

3 Push Notification Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Push notification traffic is a fairly new traffic method to the affiliate scene, but it is making a big splash and getting a lot of attention.

New traffic sources are popping up every day selling push notification traffic and affiliate marketers are taking advantage by getting in early and driving a lot of great cheap traffic to affiliate offers.

There are three main push notification traffic sources that I am currently recommending to my PeerFly publishers:

  • PropellerAds
  • RTX Platform
  • MegaPush

Below, I explain what push notifications are, how you can use them with your affiliate marketing, and go into detail on each of the traffic sources I recommend for push notification traffic.

What are Push Notifications?

While you may not be familiar with what a push notification is, you have more than likely seen one.

Push notifications are the little notifications that pop up on your phone or computer. They’re very common on iPhone and Android mobile phones and they are becoming more common on computers as well.


Users opt-in to receive push notifications (shown below) from websites they visit on their phone or computer. Then, affiliate marketers can send them notifications (like what is shown above) and promote an affiliate offer to them.

push notification optin computer and phone

There are hundreds of millions of phones and computers with these push notifications enabled from popular websites and traffic sources like PropellerAds have figured out a way to give you access to all those eyeballs through their self-serve ad platform.

The best part of all? Push notification traffic is pretty cheap and these traffic sources make it is really easy to setup an affiliate campaign.

Let’s take a look at PropellerAds first.

PropellerAds Push Notification Traffic

PropellerAds was the first traffic source I used to setup a push notification affiliate campaign. I was already running campaigns using their popunder traffic and decided to give push notifications a try when they released it.

If you’re familiar with PropellerAds then you will have no problem setting up a push notification campaign.

Use the promo code AFFLIFT-50 and get a $50 bonus when you deposit $200 on PropellerAds!

First, if you are not already a PropellerAds advertiser, sign up here and deposit $200. Use the promo code AFFLIFT-50 and get a $50 bonus.

Next, click on Campaigns and the Create Campaign button. Under Ad Format, click on Push Notifications.

There are only 5 different things you need to create your Push Notification ad:

  • Target URL (your affiliate link)
  • Image (192×192)
  • Title
  • Description
  • Image (720×480)

The push notification ad format has basically the same setup across every traffic source. Make sure you upload images that are the proper size and put a creative title and description that are going to grab the user’s attention and make them want to clickthrough to your affiliate link.

With PropellerAds push notifications, you can use a CPM or CPC pricing model. When you are first testing, you may want to choose CPC so that you know you are only going to pay when your link is actually clicked. Once you create an ad that is getting a high clickthrough rate (CTR), then you may want to use CPM instead because it can drive down the actual cost per click (CPC).

PropellerAds provides great targeting options for your campaigns and make it easy to optimize once you start getting clicks and conversions.

Here is a webinar they recently hosted specifically on setting up and running push notification affiliate campaigns.


Once you have a campaign profitable on PropellerAds, you may want to try scaling it on RTX Platform.

RTX Platform Push Traffic

RTX Platform (formerly 50onRed) is a traffic source you are likely familiar with if you are not brand new to affiliate marketing. They have been around a long time and are fairly popular with affiliates (they’re one of the traffic sources I recommended in 2017).

Well, they have been working hard providing new channels for affiliates running campaigns with them and one of those new channels is push notifications.

Use this link to sign up for RTX Platform and get a $50 bonus when you spend your first $500!

RTX Platform push notifications (they simply call them Push) are setup similar to how you setup a Pops campaign with them.

Each campaign is setup with the structure:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Creative

The creative setup is similar to PropellerAds so it should be very easy to port your campaigns from PropellerAds to RTX.

All that is required for your push notification creative is:

  • Headline (title)
  • Description
  • Brand Name
  • Image (300×250)
  • Icon Image (50×50)

I highly recommend using their content macros in your headline and/or description. They should help draw more attention to your ad by personalizing it for the user and increase your clickthrough rate.

RTX Platform has a bunch of great tracking macros and optimization settings so once you start getting traffic from your push notification campaigns with them, you can easily optimize and scale.

The last push notification traffic source I want to talk about is the newest and probably the one you’re least likely to have heard of, MegaPush.


MegaPush is a Russian push notification company that focuses on push notification traffic exclusively.

I just recently started testing out their traffic (as I mentioned, I’ve worked with RTX Platform and PropellerAds a long time), but I am very impressed by a few things that MegaPush offers:

  • Low $100 minimum deposit to get started (with a bunch of options to deposit including PayPal).
  • Fantastic support including a live chat that I’ve talked to just about every single day I’ve been on their platform.
  • Case studies of profitable push notification campaigns on their homepage.
  • Low CPCs.
  • A lot of international traffic (see the Volume section on their homepage).

Once you create an advertiser account and deposit your funds, running a campaign with them is pretty easy, but their interface takes a few minutes to get used to.

Click the New campaign

The options are similar to what you use with RTX Platform and PropellerAds and the important parts are:

  • Link (your affiliate link)
  • Title (headline)
  • Message (description)
  • Image (492×328)
  • Icon (192×192)

One thing I really like about the campaign creation page for MegaPush is that there’s a preview button you can click at the bottom before you create your new campaign and you can preview what the push notification is going to look like.

As I mentioned, their support is great so if you have any questions while setting up your push notification campaign with them, just click the Chat now button and ask them!

You can optimize based on the feed you’re getting traffic from so make sure you setup all your tracking tokens and postback properly. Once you start getting conversions, make sure you scale across all 3 push notification traffic sources I have mentioned!

Affiliate marketing is evolving. We are seeing it change every month. New channels open up while others fade away. I believe push notification traffic is going to be around a long time and as it gets more popular with affiliates, it’s going to get more expensive.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get in early. Start testing PeerFly offers with PropellerAds, RTX Platform, and MegaPush today. There is a lot of money to be made. Who is going to grab it?

I hope it’s you. Let’s make some money!

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